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Architecture-focused project

For the past few weeks our pupils have taken part in an exciting architecture-focused project with architects Chapman Taylor, artist Alex Hirtzel and musician Luke Crookes. They have learnt all about homes made by insects, exploring the form of the cell structures through movement, play and sound activities. Pupils also learnt about warmth in homes, exploring how different cultures heat and add comfort to their homes. Last but not least, we used home-made water pump projecting different coloured lights on, learning all about light and water in homes. Finally, Children Families had the opportunity to go on a sensory walk of the Wallace Collection to experience the different building materials and architecture through touch, (handling objects), smells linked to paintings, sounds in different spaces, exploring large and smaller spaces, experiencing spaces with eyes closed, and experiencing tastes that link to the paintings. It has been amazing seeing our pupils actively participating in a range of sensory, musical and artistic activities!


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