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Woodlands School Expansion

The proposed school expansion consultation begins on Monday the 12th of March and will end on Monday the 26th of March. Please find attached a series of documents linked to the expansion project:


Letter to parents


Consultation Document

thority is proposing that Woodlands School is expanded by 12 Reception places from September 2018. This expansion is for an interim period, designed to deal with demand right now. Harrow Council is developing options to deliver a permanent increase in the provision within Harrow. It is the top strategic priority in the Council’s strategy for children and young people with special educational needs.

Why is this being proposed?

In line with recent trends we are now seeing a significant increase in the demand for special needs school places in Harrow and this is forecast to increase still further. The Local Authority considers it important to ensure there are sufficient places available for students as near as possible to their homes.

Why has this school been chosen for expansion?

Woodlands School is a successful school situated in a geographical area where student places are needed and was approached by the Local Authority to help address the student place shortfall. To accommodate the extra pupils, another building will be required on the school site. It is proposed that this will be provided as a modular accommodation – probably a single modular building of two classrooms on the North West Side of the school between the Bike Playground and the Main building.

Have your say

The Local Authority believes that the development of Woodlands School will not have a negative impact for its existing students, staff and the local community. Governors of Woodlands School would welcome your comments/concerns which will help us formulate a planning submission which will satisfy where possible any raised issues.

There is a consultation meeting for parents on Monday the 19th of March at 10.30am. Council representatives will be in attendance to answer any questions and discuss the proposals in further detail.

Please do come along to the school and let us know your thoughts and complete the questionnaire.


Please complete the Consultation Questionnaire and return it by Monday 26 March 2018 to Woodlands School.

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