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Moving onto High School…


We have a very smooth effective transition process which involves us working  closely with secondary schools. Preparations start at the beginning of the year when the child is in year 6 in order for the secondary school to prepare and plan how to continue to meet the needs of your child. This involves information sharing where teachers here at Woodlands in collaboration with therapists prepare a detailed profile of your child which is passed on to the secondary school. These details involve how your child learns and communicates best, strategies around behaviour and school life, what the child likes/dislikes, visual timetables, mobility and any other information which will help in the smooth transition of your child to the new school.


Some of the senior leaders from the secondary schools also attend end of the year annual reviews to get to know more about  your child and anything extra which will help them to plan how they will meet your child’s needs.


We also prepare children by planning a transition period where children will make several visits to the new school and get to know adults and children they will be working on. They take part in different activities and visit the school surroundings in order for them to begin developing some understanding of the new school.


At the end of the year children take home a transition book which holds new information about the new school environment, the new teacher, new class, new bus and other information which will help the child understand. We encourage parents to read the book as much as possible with your child during the summer holiday so they are prepared for the new environment.


We also work with the families by encouraging them to visit the new school as early as possible and to take advantage of as many induction or taster days as are offered in order to make the right choice for your child as well as help them familiarise with the new environment.  


At the end of the year, we hold a special assembly for all the leavers and parents. Staff, therapists, the Harrow Mayor and other agencies who work with your child are invited to celebrate the years here at Woodlands. A photo story is shared with everyone as well as a special book with photos from all the years here at Woodlands.


Please contact our Key Stage Two Leader Adelina Hysenaj at school for any queries about the Year 6 transition process on office@woodlands.harrow.sch.uk

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