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Governing Body Details

Woodlands School - Governing Body Details 2021-22


Co-opted Governors 4/5

Appointed by The Governing Body

Date of Appointment – End of term

A brief description


Mr Benjamin Kaye, Chair of Governors, member of Resources Committee and CAF Committee

Re-appointed on Oct 2021- Oct 2025I was privileged enough to be co-opted on to the Woodlands Governing Body in November 2017. As well as being a member of the main Governing Body I am also a member of the Resources Committee. This is my first non-executive role and I am extremely excited and committed to add my experience and expertise to the diverse backgrounds and skills that are already on the the Governing Body. I am a Head of Internal Audit in the commercial sector and have been reviewing and assessing entities, processes, projects and systems since 1999. My competence and qualifications are in audit (financial, operations and information systems), risk, ethics, fraud and compliance. I am dedicated to using my background in risk and control to ensure safety, compliance, efficiency, effectiveness and value for money at Woodlands. I hope that this will contribute to Woodlands continuing to provide an outstanding, safe environment for their very special children to reach their maximum potential. I am confident this can be achieved with the efficient and effective use of funds and other resources as well as the obvious commitment of the leadership, staff and parents.

Mr Michael Curtin– CAF Committee Chair, Disadvantaged Pupils Governor


10 Nov 2015 to 9 Nov 2019

My name is Michael Curtin and I am Chair of the Children, Assessment, and Families Committee (CAF). I have been a Governor for two years. We look at policies, the curriculum and indeed a whole range of topics to ensure our children receive an outstanding education.

Woodlands is a great school and it is such a privilege to work with an inspirational leadership team, hardworking staff and a dedicated group of governors.

I have been involved in education in various capacities for nearly forty years and to be part of a team that enriches the lives of the children in our care is an amazing honour.

                                                               Ms Hazel Wilkinson, Resources Committee

23 Sep 2019 to 22 Sep 2023 





  Rahee Shah, member of the CAF


Appointed on Nov 2020 – Nov 2024

My name is Rahee Shah and I was appointed as a Co-Opted Governor in November 2020.

I have been working in Finance at a publishing company for over 10 years, where we publish books, journals and electronic products aimed at higher education, so teaching and learning has been a big part of my life.

I joined the Governing Board during the height of Covid and was impressed from the start at how Woodlands School was handling everything. The staff are a true inspiration and their passion on all the work they do shone through.


I look forward to using my business and personal experiences to support the school so that everyone gets the best level of education possible.

LA Governor 1/1

Date of Appointment – End of term

A brief description

  Reshmi Thakerani-Chung

Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Resources Committee

Appointed on Oct 2018 – Oct 2022

My name is Reshmi Thakerani-Chung and I am a Local Authority Governor and the Chair of the Resources Committee and the Vice Chair of Governors. I have been a Governor since October 2018.

In the Resources Committee, we look at policies, the School’s financial position and Health & Safety to ensure our finances are used suitably for the children to have a fantastic education.

I have been working as a Chartered Accountant in the retail sector since 2017 and prior to that I worked as an auditor for 5 years with much experience in auditing academy schools.

I thoroughly enjoy being a Governor and have learned a great deal about working in a special school environment. It has been a privilege to work with the incredible School staff, and my fellow Governors.

Parent Governors


Appointed through Parent Election

Date of Appointment – End of term

A brief description


Ms Mary O’Connor, CAF Committee


Re-appointed on May 2021 – May 2024

My name is Mary O’Connor and I was elected as a Parent Governor in April 2017 and re-elected in May 2021.

My son, Patrick left Woodlands in July 2021 to transfer to Kingsley High School. 
Patrick was so happy at Woodlands and made amazing progress in all areas of his development.  

I see the role of Parent Governor as extremely important and I will do my best to continue to fulfil the duties of the role and contribute to the on-going improvement of the School for all pupils and staff.

I have over 20 years’ experience of working in Higher Education at a London University within a management position, and have experience of staff management, budget management, analysing data (such as student numbers and student performance), membership of University committees and working with Estates and Information Technology colleagues to ensure that spaces are up to standard and suitably maintained.

I consider Woodlands to be an amazing and inspirational school and feel honoured to be a member of the Governing Body.

  Patricia Gaskin  

Head Teacher

Ex Officio ( Right of Office)

Date of Appointment – End of term

A brief description

Caroline Day-Lewis, Member of the Resources Committee  

Appointed on 1 Sep 2020

“The world needs all kinds of minds”
Temple Grandin


It is an absolute honour to be the Headteacher of Woodlands School.  I am really proud to be the leader of an outstanding school with outstanding staff, pupils, parents and governors.

I have had 15 years of experience in teaching and 15 years in school leadership roles.
I am passionate about improving the lives of children with learning disabilities and special needs through education. 

Staff Governor 0/1

Appointed through staff election

Date of Appointment – End of term

A brief description




Associate Members 1/3

Appointed by The Governing Body

Date of Appointment – End of term

A brief description


  Ms Clare Power,

  Deputy Headteacher,

  member of the CAF Committee

10/11/15 - 11/11/19

I have been a staff member at Woodlands School since 2007 and working with the governing body as an Associate Member has really strengthened my work as a senior leader in providing me with challenge and knowledge from other employment sectors.

It is a privilege for me to work at such an excellent school where the children and their families are at the forefront of everything we do and staff are passionate about providing the best education for the pupils. I am the designated safeguarding lead for Woodlands and keeping the children safe and healthy is paramount to our work in school.

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