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Wellbeing at Woodlands School


At Woodlands School we:


  • Commit to promoting positive wellbeing throughout our school community.


  • Understand the importance of wellbeing and the role it plays in creating an environment where all are healthy, happy and achieve their best.


  • Listen, support and respond to the views of our community and provide opportunities to equip all with the tools needed to maintain a positive well-being​.


What is Wellbeing?


We see wellbeing in a broad sense which includes physical health and recognise that children’s emotional health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing. It involves a sense of confidence, happiness, self-worth, having a meaning and purpose, engagement, having supportive and satisfying relationships with others and responding effectively to one’s own emotions. At Woodlands School, early intervention and a whole school approach is highly effective in improving wellbeing and reducing the impact of mental health problems. This whole school and community approach involves parents as well.


At Woodlands School we value the mental health and well-being of all our pupils, staff, parents, carers and everyone in our school community. In December 2022, Woodlands School achieved the ''Wellbeing Award for Schools''. This award will remain valid for the next three years. Developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), the “Wellbeing Award for Schools” has helped us prepare and equip ourselves to promote emotional wellbeing and positive mental health across the whole-school community.


The WAS has been a welcome opportunity to recognise the exceptional work that we do in this area. The key features of a whole-school approach form the basis of the award, and it provides schools with a benchmark of best practice against which to test itself. The final verification report can be read here. 






Please see our staff wellbeing policy for details on how we support staff wellbeing.

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